Val Brevettola

Where we are

A place to discover

Our valley

Valorize Valle Antrona’s environment is one of the most important aims of Val Brevettola Skyrace. It’s a proud for us seeing lots of people walking on our mountain paths, last year, both before and after the event. This territory deserves to be discovered, and Alta Valle Antrona too. Here, there are the climbing mountain goats valley, on Cingino’s weir. Here, we have one of the most beautiful CAI’s mountain hut, “rifugio Andolla”. Moreover, in this valley are amazing mountains: Moncucco, Camughera, Testa dei Rossi, Pizzo Ciapè. A mix of excellences to discover.

Old tradition


A 400 years old procession, the oldest of the Alps. This is “Lautani dei sette Fratelli”. Val Brevettola Skyrace’s path coincide with Lautani’s. History, tradition, legend. The story tells that seven brothers, in 1600, decided to cross this path on their knees, to thank God to be alive after a plague epidemic. Since 400 years, on the third July Sunday a lot of people walk together on this path. The next week, on the same way, Val Brevettola Skyrace’s moment comes.

The street to the VBS

How to reach us

We are 20 minutes by car from Domodossola, 10 minutes from Villadossola and 15 minutes from Antronapiana.
Do you need a place to sleep before tre race?
We have many places in our Valley, but you can also spend the night in Ossola. We are easy to reach from there too.

10 MIN
From Villadossola
15 MIN
From Antrona